LGCL Stonescape

Stonescape is an ongoing project of LGCL in the northern part of Bengaluru. It is being built in the vicinity of Hennur Road and is basically a series of lifestyle villas that have been landscaped using stone. Stonescape offers to you plenty of space – it is almost like swimming in space – and a chance at a seamless life that you may not have experienced before. The specifications here are of the best quality, thus providing you complete return on the investment that you have made. Here you will get your own room for entertainment, where you can spend some quality time by yourself or in company of your near and dear ones.

The precious villas

The villas here are really precious to say the least. There is a private terrace that makes your home even more sophisticated and elegant than it already is. The floors in these villas are made of marble and wood and that adds a lot to the earthy appeal of these homes. This appeal is something that you will find in each and every villa over here. The villas have been built in such a way that each and every brick shows your individuality unlike anything else.

Rustic charm

The villas at Stonescape express a level of rustic charm that you will not find anywhere else in Bengaluru. The developers have been able to maximize the charm of their main ingredient – the stone – to such an exhilarating level. It seems like they have created the perfect fusion of pedigree that is part of history, and flair that can be seen in the urban spaces only.

A strategic location

As has been said already, the Stonescape villas are being built off Hennur Road in northern Bengaluru. This makes it a strategic location for the owners. The villas together occupy an entire area of couple of acres and are located on the very spine of what can be called the new development zone of Bengaluru. It is also at a very minimal distance from the Peripheral Ring Road, which has been proposed. This means that it is well-connected to the international airport as well as the Whitefield Airport.

Floors at Stonescape

Imported marble has been used at the floors of the living rooms, passages of ground floor, and the dining rooms. Similarly, vitrified tiles have been used bedrooms, family areas, entertainment rooms, and kitchens. The master bedrooms in these villas feature wooden floors. In the utility rooms and the balcony you will find ceramic tiles. These tiles can be found in the toilets as well, which are better termed designer toilets.

Walls at Stonescape

Each and every ceiling and interior wall face at Stonescape has been plastered and finished smoothly. These structures have been painted by using plastic emulsion paints that are of the best-possible quality. In the kitchens you will see ceramic tiles that are two feet tall and ones that have granite countertops. The remaining walls of the kitchen here have been painted with the finest plastic emulsion.


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