LGCL Beautiful World – A True Embodiment Of The Name

Girish Puravankara is one name that does not need to be introduced especially as far as the real estate industry of Bangalore is concerned. For a decade and more he has created some of the top real estate projects of Bangalore. These have really stood out in the concrete jungle that is Bangalore. He has also played a major role in making the residential real estate market of the capital of Karnataka a much better one. As far as innovation and creation are concerned, Puravankara ranks right up there as one of the leading members of his fraternity. He can be distinguished from others of his ilk thanks to his penchant for creating the very best homes for his clientele.

A keen sense of business

One major reason – apart from his artistic leanings – as to why Puravankara has attained the level of success he has done is the keen business sense that he possesses. Remarkably enough, Puravankara has experienced a meteoric rise, the likes of which are not really seen these days. The homes developed by him are sound from a functional point of view and aesthetically they are of the highest quality as well. All this means that both critics and homebuyers love them.

Beautiful World

Beautiful World is one of the various projects that have been developed by Lalith Gangadhar Construction Limited (LGCL), the company headed by Puravankara. It was started during August 2013 and then readied for the market by July 2015. It is situated just off Hennur Road. The homes here are picturesque and so serene that they are stunning. These are homes that their owners can always feel proud of. Here you get built-up apartments and 4 bedroom hall and kitchen (BHK) villas. The smallest among these occupy 2801 square feet and the largest ones have spaces of 3730 square feet.

Unique aspect

A special feature of these villas is that they have been designed like that of Mediterranean homes. They also have their separate backyard areas as well as individual terraces. This means that the homeowners over here have enough area to themselves, where they can spend some quality time alone if they wish to. The beauty of the Mediterranean-style villas, and the overall serene atmosphere, has really endeared them to their owners. This is why so many people have been in line to book these villas as well. In fact, the aesthetic aspect was one major reason as to why these villas became so popular in the first place.

The aesthetic reasons      

These villas appealed to the aesthetic sensibilities of the people and this was one major reason why the project became the success that it ultimately became. In fact, it can be said with a degree of certainty that the connection was quite deep. A lot of people simply loved the idea that they would be able to own a villa like the ones found in the Mediterranean areas in India itself and this is why the villas were lapped up. They were able to match the stylistic preferences of the buyers in the way that it should have happened.


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