A few words on the creations of LGCL

Beautiful World is one of the various projects developed by Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited (LGCL). Ever since it was completed it has received nothing but positive feedback from people and much of this can be attributed to the philosophy of modern construction that has shaped it in the first place. In fact, as far as Girish Purvankara and LGCL are concerned it happens to be a landmark creation. This Mediterranean style villa has given people in Bangalore something unique. It is very hard to find any other complex such as this anywhere else in India, let alone the capital of Karnataka.


This is a breathtaking villa project that has been developed with great care and attention to detail by LGCL. Right now LGCL happens to be one of the top real estate brands in Bangalore and it is easily one of the most trusted as well. The organization has a knack for coming up with world class projects on a regular basis. The best part of these projects of LGCL is that they are spread around the city. This means no matter where you are in this fabulous city you stand a chance of running into one of the stunning creations of LGCL.

Improving the skyline

Ever since LGCL has been formed one of its conscious aims has been to reshape the skyline of Bangalore. The team at this organization, led by the redoubtable Purvankara, has always attempted to create – and been successful as well – residential complexes that are at par with the very best that the world has to offer. Thanks to these creations it can now be said that the standard of living of people in this city has become so much better. Right from its very initiation the organization has always attempted to push the boundaries of what can be attempted creatively in the domain of real estate.

The brand image

It is this constant desire to excel and outperform everyone that has created a positive brand image of LGCL. Right now it is regarded as one of the greatest innovative names in the world of Bangalore’s real estate. Since its inception the organization has ventured into several projects that have managed to stand the test of time. The projects developed by LGCL have also bettered the scope of real estate in the city as well. Ashlar happens to be one such product. It was completed during December 2011 and ever since it has been opened for possession.

Some details on Ashlar

It is located at Choodasandra in Sarjapur Road. Thanks to the facilities that it offers Ashlar can truly be called a world class residential facility in the proper sense of the term. It is built on a huge area – 8 acres – and that means there is enough space for all over here. This villa community has been in the limelight ever since the day LGCL announced it was going to develop it. Over here you find both 3 and 4 BHK (bedroom, hall, and kitchen) villas.


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