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A few words on the creations of LGCL

Beautiful World is one of the various projects developed by Lalith Gangadhar Constructions Limited (LGCL). Ever since it was completed it has received nothing but positive feedback from people and much of this can be attributed to the philosophy of modern construction that has shaped it in the first place. In fact, as far as Girish Purvankara and LGCL are concerned it happens to be a landmark creation. This Mediterranean… Read Article →

LGCL Beautiful World – A True Embodiment Of The Name

Girish Puravankara is one name that does not need to be introduced especially as far as the real estate industry of Bangalore is concerned. For a decade and more he has created some of the top real estate projects of Bangalore. These have really stood out in the concrete jungle that is Bangalore. He has also played a major role in making the residential real estate market of the capital… Read Article →

LGCL Stonescape, The Best Rustic Villa Hub In Bangalore

Have you been thinking of buying a property somewhere in the Hennur Road region of Bangalore? Then you should definitely consider LGCL Stonescape as it is currently one of the most well known projects in this part of the city. Owning a villa property has become quite a fashionable and trendy thing in the recent times, particularly among the elite members of the society. Not only they allow people to… Read Article →

LGCL offers the best living features with all its homes

Bangalore has been the central hub of real estate activity for quite some time. Numerous projects have already been developed at different parts of the city and such developments are really pushing the urban development to the edge. The city is the seat of India’s biggest IT hubs and people from different parts of the country come here to work and live. Among the other factors that have led to… Read Article →

LGCL United Tower – A Perfect Haven In The Midst Of Bellandur

LGCL is one of the most well known real estate firms in Bangalore. Currently they are working on a number of projects that are aimed at improving the residential real estate market of the city. As always, LGCL is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that the residents of these projects have everything that they need to lead comfortable and fulfilling lives. One of the projects that the real… Read Article →

LGCL, A Leading Real Estate Company Based In Bangalore

The real estate industry in Bangalore is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in the entire country. Numerous people are choosing to currently settle down in Bangalore due to the extensive job opportunities that the city has to offer. Bangalore is not only known for its IT industry and advanced infrastructure but also for its beautiful gardens, friendly neighborhoods and pleasant weather that is present all throughout the year…. Read Article →

LGCL Stonescape

Stonescape is an ongoing project of LGCL in the northern part of Bengaluru. It is being built in the vicinity of Hennur Road and is basically a series of lifestyle villas that have been landscaped using stone. Stonescape offers to you plenty of space – it is almost like swimming in space – and a chance at a seamless life that you may not have experienced before. The specifications here… Read Article →